Why do small businesses still need organic social media?

Organic social media uses social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, to build a social community and to interact with their audience by sharing posts, publishing content and engaging in online conversations. But is organic social media still worth the time and resources? HinDigital has identified a few reasons why SMEs (Small Medium Enterprises) SHOULD still use organic social media.

It’s Cost Effective

Organic social media strategies use free tools to build and interact with the desired audience, allowing SMEs to listen and respond to their online community. Organic social is crucial for building relationships between new and existing customers. It is important to build brand reputation, and there’s no better way to show off your personality!

It Can Provide Trust Between Business & Consumer

In modern times such as these, if you’re not on the digital scene consumers may look elsewhere because of a lack of authenticity. Facebook Business Pages have paved the way for large and local businesses to express their services, show off there products and keep in touch with current, new & potential customers quick and easy.

It’s the ‘Online Word of Mouth’

Can you name on one hand the people you know, who aren’t on Social Media? No neither can we!
With billions of active users everyday on social media, it’s only common sense to build your businesses identity online. And what better way to do that then to interact with your customers on a level of which they are familiar. According to socialpilot.co.uk, 4 million likes are generated on Facebook every minute, on top of more millions of engagement in shares and comments alone in which this generates FREE exposure!