Whether you’re a small business or a multi-million pound business, to really target you’re audience and to create the best return on investment, Facebook Business Manager is the advertising platform you need!

If you’re thinking of using the boosting post method in Facebook on your business page, you might want to keep reading…

Boosted Posts Limits Your Targeting Options!

Think of boosting a Facebook post as a 6″ Subway sandwich, it’s pretty good – but it’s not the foot long!

In better terminology, using the boosted post option on your business page limits the amount of features you can use, which are fully accessible for free through Facebook Business Manager. To name a few..

  • Numerous specific ad objective options
  • Ad placement options
  • Advanced audiences options eg – lookalike 
  • Conversion tracking / setting custom events
  • Facebook Pixel tracking
  • An abundance of metric options for reporting

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